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We are excited to meet you!

We love meeting and photographing other families, pets included.

Markie has loved photography since high school when she studied at the Pratt Institute in NYC. Unfortunately paying rent and having health insurance took priority for a few years, but she is back behind the lens now and loving every moment she gets to capture. 

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Hulk has been in the security business for as long as he can remember. You may think photography isn't dangerous, and with Hulk by your side it never will be. He takes his job seriously and will ensure you are forever safe between your office and kitchen.

Spartacus has been a nap aficionado since he was adopted back in 2017. And now he brings his talents to Say Peach Photography! Spartacus' specialty is keeping our team company during photo editing, but his main job is to ensure everyone is relaxed and calm behind the scenes.

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